Press Releases

March 2022

• [en] Get a glimpse into the local German live streaming scene with InStream.de [html, pdf, txt]

August 2020

• [de] MediathekSuche.de - neue TV Spezialsuchmaschine [html, pdf, txt]

May 2020

• [de] Lumerias übernimmt otrkeyfinder.com [html, pdf, txt]

January 2016

• [en] Lumerias video search arranges videos showing public figures on curated timelines [html, pdf, txt]

October 2007

• [en] Video search on the Internet with Lumerias.com also on FTP servers [html, pdf, txt]
• [de] Video-Suche im Internet mit Lumerias.com jetzt auch in FTP Servern [html, pdf, txt]

September 2007

• [en] Lumerias.com now searches in over 10 million videos [html, pdf, txt]
• [de] Lumerias.com sucht jetzt in über 10 Millionen Videos [html, pdf, txt]

August 2007

• [en] Video search engine Lumerias.com trusts in open standards [html, pdf, txt]
• [de] Video-Suchmaschine Lumerias.com setzt auf offene Standards [html, pdf, txt]
• [fr] Le moteur de recherche de vidéos Lumerias.com est opérationnel [html, pdf, txt]
• [en] Video Search Engine Lumerias.com goes live [html, pdf, txt]
• [de] Video-Suchmaschine Lumerias.com geht an den Start [html, pdf, txt]

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Lumerias Corporate Logo

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Lumerias Homepage 2016 [en]
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Lumerias Homepage on launch 2007 [en]
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Lumerias Homepage on launch 2007 [de]
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