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Video search engine Lumerias.com trusts in open standards

Duisburg, August 30, 2007 -- The Internet is based on open source, open standards and collaboration. Many developments of the last years, including the renewal of the web under the buzzword "web 2.0", were propelled by collaboration and open standards. The new video search engine Lumerias.com embraces this movement and implements three important standards right from the start, making searching and finding videos on the Web easier and thus streamlining the personal organisation of information.

Besides E-Mail, the use of search engines is one of the most important applications on the Internet today. A recent and important innovation within this domain is the standardisation of query interfaces and result presentation. These common practices enable users to query search engines directly from their applications, without the detour over entry pages. Basis of this functionality is the OpenSearch format. An increasing number of browsers, including the free Mozilla Firefox, support this standard. Since Lumerias.com integrates OpenSearch in HTML and RSS 2.0, numerous applications can natively access the search interface and present the video search results returned by Lumerias.com.

One of the components of the OpenSearch collection of technologies is the Really Simple Syndication format (RSS) – for nearly ten years the de facto standard for subscribing to news and website updates. Supporting this format, it is thereby possible to subscribe to video search queries, without OpenSearch, as a RSS feed. Using RSS feed aggregators, it is just a simple click to save previous video searches and let the software discover new videos regarding a certain topic or keyword.

Apart from RSS and OpenSearch, Web Services are gaining momentum among developers on the Internet. Web Service is the generic term for systems that enable machines or programs to interoperable interact with each other over the Internet. Lumerias.com exposes such a Web Service which makes the smooth integration of video search functionality into third party applications possible. Essentially the graphic surface of Lumerias.com is just a cover for the hit lists supplied by the underlying system. Providing these hit lists as Web Service enables licensees of Lumerias.com to offer the same search functionality to their users, as Lumerias.com itself offers on its user interface.

More information about the Application Programming Interfaces and feeds can be found on the Internet at http://www.lumerias.com/api


About Lumerias.com
Live since August 1st, 2007, Lumerias.com is an international video search engine of the next generation. It enables users to easily find videos from all over the web, including the major social video portals. Search results are served on a simple interface that renders other services with tedious and cluttered pages obsolete. Over the next months a number of innovations will further improve the quality of search results. Currently algorithms to automatically make sense of the indexed videos' image data and to transcribe their content are being tested.

About Clipland GmbH
The company's core site, the "short form media" information portal www.clipland.com is online since 1998. The site caters to an audience of film and video amateurs and professionals interested or working in short films, music videos, tv commercials and movie trailers. For its wealth of background information, crew and talent credits as well as media resources, clipland.com has since become one of the most important sources of information regarding "short media" on the Internet.
The web video search on clipland.com uses the Lumerias.com search API, which is also licensable by third parties.


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