About me and my team.

About Lumerias

We want nothing less than to reinvent finding and organising video, paying tribute to the brothers Lumières who invented it in the first place.

Well, the french brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière didn't exactly invent moving pictures, but they invented a motion picture camera which made shooting film easy and portable. Later, with their traveling video shows they did in Europe what Edison pulled off in America: they started what would become the motion picture industry.

The Lumières made motion picture video easy and fun, that's why they are our heroes and that's why we carry them in our service's name.

The name, Lumerias

The name Lumerias is a combination of words, where the first part is Lumière. The Lumières family name and at the same time the french word "lumière", which translates to "light" in English - quite appropriate for a video search engine.

The second part of the name Lumerias, the ending "-rias" is from the word for sea star, "Asterias". This contains a hint on our technology, as a component called Asterias was an important part of a now-gone multimedia search-engine called Singingfish. Its web crawler was called Asterias. And even though our technology has nothing in common with Asterias, this naming is our tribute to a serivce that paved the way for innovative video search.

For members of the media, lumerias.com press releases and downloadable images can be found in the Press Room.


Lumerias respects your privacy. And tries to protect if for you.

At Lumerias, we don't link searches to individual users. We don't build user profiles with the intent of selling it to advertisers. We try to limit the data we collect to a minimum. We do record IP-Adresses, yes okay, in log-files, but only for statistics, promised. And we probably end that soon. This said, we rely on advertising to generate revenue and these third-parties gather data about our users on our site. If you care strongly about privacy, you can switch on "privacy mode" that enables a set of further measures to protect your privacy: advertising is voluntarily removed then, and redirects to search results filter the referer header of your browser so external sites doesn't learn which keywords brought you there.
In summary, good points to use Lumerias for your video search instead of the built in search many video portals offer.

"But hey, what about your cookie?"

You might have noticed, that we set a cookie once you visit Lumerias. Yes. But we do that just for user preferences. Not for tracking people.

Our Robot

Behind the scenes, Lumerias works like an advanced search engine, simply said. And search engines like ours use a technology called web crawler, web spider or robot to scour the web and discover new content. Our particular robot is specialised in indexing video content. It reads and interprets many common video standards, embedded or direct, and analyzes websites, playlists, streams and extracts metadata as well as contextual information.

Lumerias' robot obeys the Robots Exclusion Standard.

In any case where you've got questions or see problems with our crawler visiting your website, please get in touch via webmaster [at] lumerias.com.

Copyrighted content take down

Lumerias is a search-engine. We strive to make content accessible, content we don't host or offer on our server but content from elsewhere on the Net. This involves that some excerpts of the referenced content, title, descriptions or related keywords, end up being shown on our site. And as the Internet is a fast-moving medium, a content already removed on its source site may continue to show up on our site, as reference, while we update our index.

If there's content to be found on our site that violates your or someone else's copyright or is against the law, please contact us via email. Make sure that the respective content is deleted at the source, which will result in it being removed from our index after update procedures. If you find content that remains visible on our site after you have removed it on source, please contact us as well. webmaster [at] lumerias.com