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Get a glimpse into the local German live streaming scene with InStream.de

Duisburg, March 17, 2022 -- Web magazine InStream.de covers the German live streaming scene and offers news, reviews and editorials in the fields of television, films and video games on its infotainment website. Readers interested in this thematic "glimpse abroad" must be proficient in the German language, though.

Online video live streaming has become a global phenomenon in recent years. Services like Trovo, Nimo, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Live are gearing up. But the current leader in video game live streaming is Amazon's platform Twitch. And with US services dominating the market, English language content by US and Canadian streamers like Ninja, Shroud, Tfue and xQc naturally dominates the scene. Yet the consumer audience of live video content is growing, and large platform operators have begun to branch out into local segments, fostering and building vibrant local communities along the way.

According to public web traffic statistics, Germany is the second largest market for Twitch.tv outside of North America, coming in above even Korea, where eSports are particularly strong. In Germany, arena-scale eSports events are still rare, but the "Just Chatting" and IRL live streams have become prevalent on German-language Twitch. Content creators like Trymacs, Knossi, Monte / MontanaBlack88, Amar, Rewi / Rewinside, Unge / Ungespielt, MckyTV, Inscope21, Anni, Gnu, ELoTRiX, Tanzi / Tanzverbot, Papaplatte, RevedTV, Rezo, Julien Bam, Gronkh, EliasN97 and Sascha / UnsympathischTV are local heroes and stars among an audience mostly detached from mainstream broadcasting and linear television media. And these communities cultivate their own regional topics and codes. Meta video creators like Hungriger Hugo and Kein Konzept celebrate these idiosyncrasies and reach audiences as large as the streaming stars themselves. For foreign viewers, such local trends can be enigmatic at times. InStream editors share their take on these thematic findings, shed light via insightful articles, and provide guidance through reviews.


About https://InStream.de/
Founded in 2021, live streaming and TV web magazine InStream caters news, critique, gossip and trends to a local German-speaking audience. InStream is the editorial sister-site of MediathekSuche.de, a vertical search engine focused on Video-on-Demand content offered by German public and commercial broadcasters.


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