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Video Search Engine Lumerias.com goes live

Duisburg, August 9th, 2007 -- After months of development, a new video search-engine named Lumerias.com opens its doors. The service offers a simple solution to search and navigate the rapidly growing amount of online video. The system behind Lumerias.com processes all major video formats, including WindowsMedia, QuickTime and the popular Flash Video format. This enables the seach engine's users to find videos from all kinds of sources and all major social video sites.

Today the variety on the internet became so large that hardly all forms of content can be made searchable through just one portal. This development pushed the search engine market to evolve and specialize. Lumerias.com is a result of this devolpment and focuses on video - where search results are served on a simple interface that renders other services with tedious and cluttered pages obsolete.

Lumerias.com is not a meta search-engine, this means Lumerias.com is based purely on original technology developed specifically for the task of processing video data. The current index, the database of a search-engine, is the result of continuous webcrawls and holds in its current phase over two million searchable videos.
Over the next months a number of innovations will improve the quality of search results. Lumerias.com's team is busy developing algorithms to automatically make sense of the indexed videos' image data and to transcribe their content. These techniques will then be put to use to further supplement the index which will hold over ten million videos in its next phase.


About Lumerias.com
The search engine reachable at http://www.lumerias.com/ is a service of Clipland GmbH, which develops and operates internet video services and portals since 1998.

About Clipland GmbH
The company's core site, the "short form media" information portal www.Clipland.com is online since 1998. The site caters to an audience of film and video amateurs and professionals interested or working in short films, music videos, tv commercials and movie trailers. For its wealth of background information, crew and talent credits as well as media resources, Clipland.com has since become one of the most important sources of information regarding "short media" on the net.
The web video search on clipland.com uses the Lumerias.com search API, which is also licensable by third parties.

Microsoft, Windows and WindowsMedia are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and/or other countries. QuickTime is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. in the USA and/or other countries. Flash is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. in the USA and/or other countries.


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