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Video search on the Internet with Lumerias.com also on FTP servers

Duisburg, October 16 2007 -- The Video search engine Lumerias.com broadens its search: from now on the index will also include videos from public FTP servers. With this step the service offers an even more complete search for videos and a one-of-a-kind feature.

Declared ambition of the video-focused specialty search engine reachable at http://www.lumerias.com/ is to make the entirety of online videos searchable through one simple and consistent user interface.

During the last month a first milestone could be reached by pushing the number of indexed videos over the 10 million videos mark. With this goal achieved Lumerias.com gathers results from all major social video websites and more from all over the web.

But the Internet is more than the contents available through the World Wide Web (WWW). An estimated 450 million files are stored on public FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers – dedicated servers without graphical interface for the storage of files, acting much like a remote hard disk.

A part of the files available on these servers through anonymous FTP are video files. This is why Lumerias.com now indexes over 5,000 FTP servers, which is about 75% of all public FTP servers worldwide. By adding this feature the search service now makes another and a relatively unknown layer of the Internet utilisable for its users.

Lumerias.com is currently the only video search engine crawling FTP sites and filtering them for videos!


About Lumerias.com
Live since August 1st, 2007, Lumerias.com is an international video search engine of the next generation. It enables users to easily find videos from all over the web, including the major social video portals. Search results are served on a simple interface that renders other services with tedious and cluttered pages obsolete. Over the next months a number of innovations will further improve the quality of search results. Currently algorithms to automatically make sense of the indexed videos' image data and to transcribe their content are being tested.

About Clipland GmbH
The company's core site, the "short form media" information portal www.clipland.com is online since 1998. The site caters to an audience of film and video amateurs and professionals interested or working in short films, music videos, tv commercials and movie trailers. For its wealth of background information, crew and talent credits as well as media resources, clipland.com has since become one of the most important sources of information regarding "short media" on the Internet.
The web video search on clipland.com uses the Lumerias.com search API, which is also licensable by third parties.


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