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  • 2023
  • 2012
  • 2012-09-11

    Interview with Denis Muren and Ben Burtt About Indiana Jones
    Denis Muren of ILM and Ben Burtt of Skywalker Sound discuss their work on the Indiana Jones movies and prepping them for Blu-ray
    icon Published: 2012-09-11
  • 2006
  • 2006-08

    Standing on the Shoulders of Kubrick: The Legacy of "2001: A Space Odyssey"
    Get it on Blu-Ray Here: http://bit.ly/Shop2001
    icon Published: 2013-02-05
  • 1994
  • 1994-03-21

    Jurassic Park Wins Visual Effects: 1994 Oscars
    Elijah Wood presents the Oscar for Visual Effects to Dennis Muren, Stan Winston, Phil Tippett and Michael Lantieri for Jurassic Park at the 66th Ac...
    icon Published: 2014-03-20

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